The Different Types Of PPC Services

Pay Per Click is an Internet marketing method used to drive targeted traffic to sites, where an advertiser only pays a website owner when the visitor clicks on the advertisement. It is commonly known as pay per click advertising. However, the term is sometimes incorrectly associated with another advertising strategy called pay per impression and is used interchangeably.

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One of the primary characteristics of PPC is that there are no costs associated with the service, so it allows for greater levels of marketing flexibility for companies that might otherwise be unable to afford to do so. PPC services can be purchased on a monthly basis for a fixed monthly fee or can be purchased in small increments over time to keep costs low. A number of different PPC services are available to help with advertising campaigns.

One popular form of advertising used is through search engine results pages (SERPs). Search engine rankings are determined by a complex mathematical algorithm that is determined by the search engine spiders. Google and other major search engines use their own set of algorithms that are based on statistics. If a site contains relevant and high quality content, then it will usually rank high in search engine results. However, a site may also rank high based on links it receives from other websites or links from advertisers.

Google AdWords is one type of PPC that is commonly used. This program is relatively easy to set up and maintain, and works on a pay per click basis. The site that offers Google AdWords services may offer a number of tools and calculators that are designed to help advertisers determine the best way to advertise on search engines, including Google AdWords. Advertisers pay Google for every time someone clicks on a Google ad, although they can choose to have their ads displayed for free. Advertisers pay for this cost only if someone clicks on the advertisement, not if someone visits the site.

The downside to using Google AdWords is that they are quite expensive. This service typically requires that advertisers register for a free account and have a minimum cost amount in order to start. Once an advertiser has registered for a Google AdWords account, the advertiser must be ready to pay on a regular basis for the cost to maintain the account. They cannot simply stop paying the cost and then decide to go to another service, since they must pay the cost each month and all at once.

Other types of PPC services include banner ads, text ads and pop-up ads. These types of advertisements are generally easier to setup and maintain. They do not require any payment until they begin to show, although advertisers may pay some monthly fee in order to keep the advertisement active. Banner ads are usually cost effective, but may need to be designed well to draw the attention of people who might view the advertisement. Some advertisers also use pop-up ads that are similar to a search engine’s normal ad format to draw people into their site.

Another way to advertise is through email campaigns. These types of PPC campaigns are often done through emails, where an email address is used for a subscription and are generally cheaper than search engine campaigns. Advertisements can be sent to the recipient or even emailed directly to them, while others are sent directly to people that are either signed up to receive them or who have shown an interest in what the advertiser is trying to sell. Most email campaigns are very cost effective, although they can still cost a little to create and manage.

These are only a few of the different types of PPC services available to Internet marketers. There are many more that are used today. As technology continues to grow, there is likely to be more to choose from.