How To Combine PPC Advertising Services With Social Media Platforms

Pay per click (PPC} advertising for home-based service businesses is an extremely cost-effective, controllable way to make a place in the top of Google and Bing lists. Blue Corona is currently a prominent PPC agency with highly trained, paid search professionals to manage your pay per click campaigns on the most sophisticated platforms such as Google AdWords and Microsoft AdSense. They have several PPC ad formats that can be customized to meet your individual business needs. In this article we’ll take a look at some of their recent campaigns and how they have helped increase revenues for their clients.

The recent success Blue Corona has had in terms of increasing customer conversions is attributable in large part to their pay per click (PPC) services for small, local businesses. Blue Corona’s social media campaign called “Upwind” offered local businesses immediate access to a powerful PPC search engine through Google’s popular Google+ social network. Google AdWords was used as the medium through which this social media campaign was conducted and up to 10% of the advertising budget was generated by this campaign alone. Google’s social network offers advertisers a platform to directly connect with their customer base through their extensive directory of websites and blogs. It also offers a host of analytical tools to help business owners evaluate their PPC campaign performance.

This PPC advertising services for small businesses resulted in a steady stream of in-bound clicks on the first page of Google. The website traffic increased steadily as the ads were being displayed. Eventually, it was discovered that using the Upwind technique properly could double the return of investment by expanding the targeted audience and bringing in more paying customers. When combined with other SEO and marketing techniques, the Upwind campaign resulted in a tripling of the sales figures for the small business. Upwind, in combination with other PPC services, led to the successful marketing of the product.

Another example of the value of PPC advertising is Pay Per Click (PPC). Google AdWords is perhaps the best known PPC advertising service. Its search engine optimization program, the Google AdWords Content Network, has been responsible for the successful marketing of numerous websites. Ad Words allows advertisers to bid on keywords related to their target market. When potential customers are searching for products or services matching the keywords used in the bid, a user will be directed to the advertiser’s site.

PPC advertising services for home service companies are fast becoming mainstream. It is an excellent way for home service providers to connect directly with potential customers. Using pay per click marketing campaign, home care providers can increase traffic to their websites, and generate leads that will eventually be converted into paying customers. Home care services have the advantage of providing personalized customer service because they can provide the client with care at any time of the day.

Web content management services are another use for advertising services. This type of service allows webmasters to create effective web pages without writing the HTML code. Webmasters can manage the content of their pages by using sophisticated web content management services. Web content management services include Web publishing tools that allow the publisher to create, publish and edit web pages quickly and easily. It also provides tools for effective advertising campaigns.

The Internet has revolutionized the way people communicate with each other. Today, people use a wide variety of online communication tools to engage in global conversations. Social networking sites, social media websites and chat rooms have become vital tools for building relationships. Social media has provided a valuable vehicle for advertisers to reach their target markets. Using a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), paid ads and web content management services, a company can reach millions of potential customers.

A company can utilize PPC advertising to enhance its social media campaigns by creating compelling ad copies that drive visitors to their websites. Paid ads can be enhanced by including a strong sales message, superior customer service and real feedback from real customers. These aspects will improve the return on investment (ROI) of a PPC campaign and increase the chances of converting new leads into paid sales.