How Much Does PPC Agency Costs Involving?

Some people are under the impression that the only time PPC advertising costs are incurred is when you have to pay for the clicks or impressions that result from a PPC campaign. While there are certainly costs associated with these activities, they are not the only costs incurred when running a PPC campaign. In this article I will discuss what other costs you may incur when setting up and taking advantage of a PPC campaign.

ppc agency costs

With any PPC campaign there is an initial payment made to the PPC agency. This is usually 10 cents for each click that is made on your website. From here, the PPC agency will take over from there and do everything necessary to promote your website and generate traffic for it. It is their job to drive qualified traffic to your site. What they do not do is write any copy or maintain any web content on your site. They simply act as the middle man for you.

You will also incur some costs from PPC advertising. Pay per click management fees are one of the most common costs you will incur. This is where you pay the PPC company every time you wish to run a PPC campaign. Each time you make a PPC campaign a specific charge is charged to your account. The exact costs that are due will depend on how much you choose to pay, but it is generally less than ten cents per click. The company managing your PPC campaign will also pay you a fee, called a ‘department fee’ which is owed in addition to the above listed ‘costs’.

There are other costs you may incur in addition to those mentioned above. If you choose to implement joint ventures with other companies in your market, you will be responsible for paying those costs as well. It may be more cost effective to obtain these services separately rather than through a PPC agency. As always you should read the fine print of any joint venture agreement. Be sure you completely understand the costs you will be responsible for paying.

When your PPC campaign is ready to be launched, you will want to give it the ultimate test – success. You want to make sure that your website is receiving as many qualified traffic as possible. How can you determine this? You do it by testing the link on an outbound link site versus an inbound link site. The latter will be able to gauge the amount of visitors who have been redirected from the inbound link to your website.

Once you have the link running and people have been redirected to your website you want to measure the number of clicks your website received. To do this you need to provide the tracking details to your PPC agency. Typically the tracking will be provided on a monthly basis or in some cases daily. Some companies offer more detailed tracking as part of a larger plan.

Your next step is to track the performance of your PPC campaign. If you are not receiving the traffic and conversions you expected then you need to rework your marketing campaign and optimize it for better results. The costs associated with your PPC campaign are only one part of the total costs of launching your online advertising campaign.

In the end, you will realize that even a small part of the overall campaign cost is nothing compared to the money you will save by cutting back on overhead expenses. The agency costs you do not have to pay are just a tiny sliver of what you would spend otherwise. This will add up to more savings in the end. For instance, if you were to pay a local SEO company $1000 for a month’s worth of work then you might be saving yourself thousands by hiring a PPC agency instead. How big of an agency fee you should pay really depends on how much work your online advertising needs. You can find out a lot more about your PPC agency costs by accessing their website today.