Campaign Management – Managing AdWords and PPC

Are you a business owner interested in exploring the benefits of using pay per click (PPC) marketing? If the answer is yes, then come discuss it with us. The 7Atoms team of PPC management experts can supercharge and optimize your current paid ads to ensure that your company will succeed and really stand out in a highly competitive online landscape. The team can also create a campaign specifically tailored to your company’s needs. Learn more about how we can help.

We at SevenAtoms offer a range of SEO and PPC campaign management tools that can benefit you when it comes to creating ads that truly benefit your website and its visitors. Among our popular products are BidMax, Tiprix, and MediaActions. These tools can help you create PPC and SEO bids that are not only cost-effective but strategically smart as well.

PPC or Pay Per Click is one way to drive traffic to your website. It’s also one of the most effective ways for search engines to determine how relevant your website is to their users. Through careful research and campaign management, you can optimize your keywords and adverts to be indexed and ranked for specific keywords. Our keyword tools offer you keyword suggestions based on your past relevancy studies and other factors including current search volume for similar keywords.

Our ad conversion tracking system allows you to view how each keyword is performing. With over 50 million advertisers signed up using AdWords, you’ll want to get in front of them. It’s easy to measure the performance with our handy campaign management tools. We have detailed information about the top 10 advertisers, their latest ads, and average CTR (Click Through Rate) for each ad. Our advanced keyword tool also allows you to compare your ads to those of your competitors to identify successful keywords and adverts.

To start creating PPC campaigns, you’ll need to open an adwords account. Adwords account is simply a virtual account where you can manage multiple campaigns. Each campaign can be managed individually or by linking it to an existing campaign. You’ll need a domain name, a username, a website, and a shortcode. You can’t manage multiple campaigns within an adwords account.

Our campaign management tool makes it easy to manage keyword and ad groups. You can create unique adverts for each keyword group and specify how targeted your ads should be. You can also target certain demographics such as male, female, age, education, and geographic location. Our keyword research and group targeting technology to find the right keywords for you and the right adverts to display based on your target audience. Open an adwords account and monitor your campaigns.

The next step to managing your PPC campaigns is to track your click through rates (CTR). A good PPC campaign management tool will allow you to view your conversion rate, the number of clicks on your ads, and the number of unique users that viewed your ads. Ideally your CTR should be above 1% for each keyword group. This will ensure you are getting conversions and that you are spending your advertising budget on quality clicks.

Keep in mind that with lower CTRs, more of your budget will go to paying out refunds to your visitors. So don’t focus solely on conversions when determining your ROI. Your campaign management tools should allow you to split your money between your pay per click advertising budget and your PPC keyword and ad grouping budget. Ideally, you should spend about 50% of your budget on your PPC adverts and spend the other half on improving your landing pages to convert visitors into customers. By doing this, you will dramatically increase your pay per click and PPC profits while cutting your budget in half.